Swardhara was borne from a desire to make India's rich heritage of art, music and culture accessible to a modern audience.

From concerts in music and dance, to lecture-demonstration workshops and thematic corporate events, Swardhara's work traverses a range of genres and seeks to bring the best in traditional art to the contemporary platform. The shows can be structured to suit the specific needs of the occasion, and tailored to the requirements of the patrons. In addition to regular concerts and workshops, Swardhara also organizes events for corporates, NGOs and educational institutions.

Each show is curated and researched with participation from renowned artistes who are experts in their fields. Swardhara also hopes to be a guiding platform for young talent, and makes it a point to offer up-and-coming artists the visibility they deserve.

Our modern artistic culture - whether it is experimental, classical or even something as globally pervasive as Bollywood - is entirely rooted in ancient traditions. Unravelling the threads that link the past to the present, and then considering the potential for the future of Indian art, is a fascinating exploration into the roots of our cultural history. We invite you to join us on our journey.