Tushar Bhatia is a sitar player, musical composer, writer, producer and presenter, who works across the fields of stage, film and television. With a wealth of classical training that spans over thirty years, Tushar has a keen interest in all musical forms, including ghazals, folk, as well as Western classical music. Over the years, Tushar has been tutored under the guidance of Pt. Dinkar Kaikini, Pt Arvind Parikh, Pt P B Devburman of Etawa Gharana, Pt K G Ginde & Pt Yashwant Mahale.

Tushar's career as a composer is as varied as it is vibrant: he has composed soundtracks for acclaimed commercials such as Nakshatra Diamonds and Dhara and also for numerous short films and documentaries. One of his most notable projects is his work on the soundtrack for the film Andaaz Apna Apna. He also has several private albums under EMI, CBS, Saregama, Times Music and Universal.


Brinda Shankar is the creative force behind Swardhara - the primary planner and conceptualizer for each production. Along with a diverse professional background that includes senior management roles in Diners Club India and CRY, Brinda has also been involved in the performing arts industry for over a decade. Her interests range from music and theatre to film, Indian aesthetics, art history and even sacred geometry. She was instrumental in co-founding and establishing the advertising agency Blank Slate along with her husband, Avinash Shankar. Brinda's vision has led to the creation of several concerts and workshops that have made Swardhara a distinctive player in the field of arts and culture. She aspires to continue to promote and provide a platform for the rich and varied music forms prevailing all across the country.